The DeLorean wiring is color coded. These striped wires colors weren't randomly selected, but rather are based on the Lucas standard wire colors. While not exact, this can serve as a useful guide when working on the DeLorean's electrical system[1]. This list has been cross-referenced with the DeLorean Workshop Manual and edited to contain only entries matching the DeLorean's wiring.

Omissions and Unverified Colors Edit

Entries marked with [citation needed] are in the Lucas wiring color coding guide described above, but are not referenced in any way in the DeLorean Workshop Manual. If you know that one of these is correct, please edit this page and remove the [citation needed] tag. Feel free to add new color codes and circuits or connections that are not in this list, or ask on the DMCTechWiki Yahoo Group.

The following are missing from this article, and need to be added by knowledgeable contributors.

  • Marker lights, tail lights and brake lights
  • Much of the instrument cluster
  • Heating and air conditioning circuit; although documented, the lack of labels in the Workshop Manual makes it difficult to properly list without using a physical vehicle for reference[2].

Color Coding Table Edit

Note that there may be what appear to be duplicate combinations, such as Green/Black and Black/Green. In fact, these are unique; the first color is that of the sheath itself, while the second color is of the thinner stripe. The "example" column in the table shows a simple stripped cable example for each color.

Example Sheath/Stripe Circuit/Connection
Black All Ground Connections, ECU and Fans
  • Black
All grounds
ECU module to distributor
  • Black/Red
ECU module terminal 3 to regulator terminal 3
  • Black/Pink
ECU module terminal 4 to regulator terminal 4
  • Black/Green
ECU module terminal 5 to regulator terminal 5
To Black/Orange wire to cooling fan
  • Black/Light Green
ECU module terminal 8, through diode, through microswitch, to ground
  • Black/Yellow
ECU module terminal 9 to thermal trip
  • Black/Slate
Thermal trip to ECU module terminal 11
Thermal trip to fan fail module
  • Black/Orange
A/C diode to fan relay
Otterstat through diode to fan relay
Fan relay to thermal trip
Blue Headlamp Connections, Starter Solenoid, Windshield Wiper Switch
  • Blue
Lighting switch to high/low beam dip switch
  • Blue/Slate
High/low beam dip switch to main beam relay
  • Blue/Yellow
Ignition resistor to starter motor solenoid; live when starting
  • Blue/White
Main beam relay through fuse 15 to main beam indicator lamp, main beam headlights
  • Blue/Red
Dip beam relay through fuse 14 to dip beam indicator lamp, dip beam headlights
  • Blue/Light Green
Windshield wiper switch through wiper control module to wiper motor
Brown Permanently live, main feed from battery. No switches or fuses
  • Brown
Battery to start inhibit relay

Battery to main relay
Battery to accessory relay
Battery via starter solenoid to alternator
Battery to alternator voltage regulator when ignition is on (Ducellier alternator only)
Battery to fan relay when ignition is on
Battery to main beam relay
Battery to dip beam relay
Battery through thermal trip to door lock module

  • Brown/Red
Battery to ignition/start switch
  • Brown/Yellow
Alternator to battery "no charge" warning lamp
  • Brown/Blue
Battery to lighting switch
Feed to horn (no relay)
  • Brown/Light Green
Windshield wiper switch through wiper control module to ignition swicth
Horn to horn button (no relay)
  • Brown/Slate
Door lock module to door lock switches
Green Ignition circuit, additional switches or fused circuits, wipers
  • Green
Fuse 1 to ECU module terminal 1
Fuse 4 to hazard switch terminal 5
Fuse 5 to battery "no charge" warning lamp, fuel gauge
Battery to Fuse 5 to otterstat
Fuse 3 to wiper control module, live when ignition is on
  • Green/Black
Fuel sending unit to fuel gauge
Water temperature gauge to sender
  • Green/Red
Turn signal switch to left turn signal
Hazard switch terminal 9 to left turn signal
  • Green/White
Turn signal switch to right turn signal
Hazard switch terminal 10 to right turn signal
  • Green/Pink
Hazard switch terminal 6 to flasher unit
  • Green/Purple
Brake lamp switch to brake lamps
Heater switch to heater motor
  • Light Green/Black
Windshield wiper switch through wiper module to windshield washer pump
  • Light Green/Brown
Turn signal switch to flasher unit
  • Light Green/Purple
Turn signal lamp to single turn signal indicator or to right direction indicator
  • Light Green/Orange
Fuel low warning light
  • Light Green/White
Fuse 11 to power window switches; live when ignition is on
Fuse 9 to power mirror switch, optional mirror heaters, heated rear window switch; live when ignition is on
Through inline fuse to radio; live when ignition is on
Purple Accessories fed directly from battery via fuse
  • Purple
Fuse 6 to hazard switch terminal 4
Battery through fuse 12 to interior lights
Permanently live through inline fuse to radio
  • Purple/White
Door open indicator lamp, interior light delay module
Fuse 12 to trunk light and switch
Fuse 12 to engine compartment light and switch
  • Purple/Pink
From Red/Blue wire and left door switch to left door lights
  • Purple/Blue
From Red/Blue wire and right door switch to right door lights
Red Tail lamps, instrument lamps, side markers and door locks
  • Red
Heavy wire from the starter to the positive battery terminal
  • Red/Blue
Battery through fuse 5 to through diodes to Purple/Pink
Fuse to instrument lamp switch, instrument panel lamps
  • Red/Light Green
Windshield wiper switch through wiper control module to wiper motor
  • Red/Slate
Door lock module to door lock solenoids
  • Red/Pink
Door lock module to door lock solenoids
Pink Air conditioning circuit
  • Pink
A/C compressor to A/C diode
White Ignition circuit, power mirrors and heated rear window
  • White
Ignition resistor to main relay. Live when ignition is on
Ignition switch to main relay
Main relay to fuses 1, 3, 4 and 5
Left power mirror to power mirror switch
  • White/Blue
Accessory relay to fuses 9, 10, 11, 13 and 16
  • White/Slate
Coil terminal 1 to ECU module terminal 12
  • White/Black
Heated rear window switch to heated rear window relay, heated rear window indicator lamp
  • White/Brown
Power mirrors to power mirror switch
  • White/Purple
Power mirrors to power mirror switch
  • White/Blue
Right power mirror to power mirror switch
  • White/Green
Left power mirrors to power mirror switch
  • White/Red
Ignition switch to start inhibit relay
Start inhibit relay to starter solenoid
Right power mirror to power mirro switch
  • White/Yellow
Start inhibit relay to neutral start switch (automatic transmissions only)
  • Yellow
From cooling fan through 2.2 uF capacitor to black/green wire
From cooling fan through 2.2 uF capacitor to black/orange wire
Slate Power windows
  • Slate/Purple
Left window switch to left window motor
  • Slate/Green
Left window switch to left window motor
  • Slate/Red
Left window switch to left window motor
  • Slate/Blue
Left window switch to left window motor

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