The speedometer system starts at the front left wheel of the DeLorean and ends at the instrument cluster.

Components Edit

The system consists of the following components, in order from the front left wheel to the speedometer:

Wheel to Speedometer Cable to Speedometer Turn Ratios Edit

The speedometer is calibrated such that when the speedometer cable turns at 1000 RPM, the speedometer reads 100 KPH (62 MPH)[1]. This comes out to approximately 1377 RPM of the speedometer cable at 85 MPH, which is the top end of the stock speedometer. The roughly 8:9 wheel to speedometer cable turn ratio (eight turns of the front left tire results in nine turns of the speedometer cable)[2] is maintained by gearing in the angle drive.

Troubleshooting Edit

See the Speedometer Troubleshooting article for general information on diagnosing speedometer issues.

References Edit

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