Fuel routing diagram from the DeLorean Workshop Manual.

Fuel hose routing diagrams are available in both printed and online forms in a few different styles.

DeLorean Workshop Manual Edit

The standard fuel hose routing diagram can be found in the DeLorean Workshop Manual:Fuel, Emissions and Exhaust, page D:01:03.

Online Diagrams Edit


Examples of online fuel routing diagrams by lostprophet (top) and GHall (bottom)

  • GHall has posted an alternate pair of fuel hose routing diagram on DMCTalk. These show the components and wrench sizes thread sizes, and torque values, with one diagram showing components in the proper relative sizes and positions but with hoses crossing, and the other avoiding crossing hoses at the expense of component position. These again may prove easier to read than the ones found in the DeLorean Workshop Manual.

See Also Edit

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