Original 1981 DeLorean Owners Manual

A DeLorean Owners Manual is included with every DeLorean, although previous owners may not have included it when they sold their vehicle.

Table of Contents Edit

There are nine sections spanning 53 pages of general owner information.

  • Forward
  • Index
  • 0: General Information
  • 1: Predrive Check
  • 2: Instruments and Controls
    • A: Steering Column Controls
    • B: Instrument Cluster
    • C: Center Instrument Panel
    • D: Console
    • E: Floor Controls
    • F: Other Features
  • 3: Engine Starting and Operation
  • 4: Emergency Operating Procedures
  • 5: Emission Control System
  • 6: Maintenance and Service
  • 7: Appearance Care
  • 8: Consumer Information
  • 9: Vehicle Identification

Availability Edit

A copy of the Owners Manual originally came with every DeLorean. Copies sometimes show up on eBay. A downloadable PDF version is available at the DMCNews website. Reproductions are available from many DeLorean vendors.

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