This article lists various cross-reference parts for the transmission. These are most useful if you can't wait for a part to be delivered from a DeLorean vendor.

Clutch - Disk
Clutch - Master Cylinder
  • Girling: 74660518[dt][12]
  • 1981 and later AMC Spirit 4 cylinder (151 inch)[dt]
    Transfer your old pedal linkage and reservior hose barb.
Clutch - Presssure Plate
Clutch - Slave Cylinder
  • Bendix: FC-313211[dt][12]
  • DELPHI: LL21520
  • Renault: 77 00 73 27 56
  • TRW: PJN117
  • Mattelli: 54-8104
  • LPR: 8104
Drive Shaft Boot
Drive Shaft lip seal

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