This article lists miscellaneous cross-reference parts of the car. These are most useful if you can't wait for a part to be delivered from a DeLorean vendor.

Windshield Wiper
Key, Ignition
Key, Door
Key, One Key System
  • Curtis: BL-5 [dt]
    All writing on key: Curtis Ind., Eastlake O., BL-5, U.S.A.
  • Ilco: X170
    (especially suitable for non-rectangular keyholes, as appeared in some DMCH shipped locks)
Paint, Black
  • Mar-Hyde Black Satin Automotive Trim Coating: #3811[dt][12]
  • Krylon Semi-Flat Black
Paint, Silver
  • Ditzler Fleet Color: DAU-33584 (Silver Poly)[dt][12]
Paint, Grey

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