This article lists various cross-reference parts for the exterior lights. These are most useful if you can't wait for a part to be delivered from a DeLorean vendor, and for common parts like bulbs.

  • Sylvania Cool Blue, Low Beam: H4656 CB[dt]
  • Sylvania Cool Blue, High Beam: H4651 CB[dt]
  • Sylvania Silver Star, Low Beam: H4656ST[dt]
  • Sylvania Silver Star,High Beam: H4651ST[dt]
Side Marker Lights
  • Sylvania 3893 (T4W) European Lamps[dt]
    UPC: 0 46135 39541 3
Tail Lights
  • Wagner 17311[dt]
    UPC: 0 42723 93695 2
Front Turn Signal
  • Philips "Longer Life" 1157[dt]
    UPC: 0 46677 23523 9
    Note: do not use a 1156 bulb for the front blinkers.

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