This article includes various cross references for DeLorean engine parts.

Vehicles Edit

These vehicles used the B28F PRV6 engine found in the DeLorean.

The Wikipedia article on the PRV engine has a complete list of all vehicles that use the PRV. Note that these do not necessarily use the B28F, but many parts may still be compatible between engines.

Components Edit

Many engine parts are available from local Volvo dealerships and auto parts stores. Bring the part with you and ask for the B28F engine. Some auto part suppliers would prefer to look up the car by model, in which case the Volvo 260 V6 with the B28F can be used. Many parts were also used with the 1990 Dodge Monaco and 1990 Eagle Premier.[2]

Air Filter
Main (rear) crankshaft seal (between gearbox & engine)
Front crankshaft seal (below water pump)
Distributor Cap
  • American Standard: GB426[dt]
  • Borg Warner: C-612[dt]
  • Bosch: 1-230-500-120[dt]
  • Vera: 15-01161[dt]
  • Volvo: 243923-0[dt]
Distributor Rotor
  • American Standard: GB332[dt]
  • Borg Warner: D-604[dt]
  • Volvo: 243922-2[dt]
  • Bosch: 1-234-332-177[dt]
Emission Canister Filter
Exhaust Manifold Gasket
HEI Pickup Coil
Hose - Coolant
  • Dayco: 816[dt][12]
    5 inch length, 1 1/4" to 1 3/8" inner diameter for either side of automatic transmission oil collar
  • NAPA: 630[dt][12]
    1 1/4 inch straight hose, cut to desired length
Hose - Engine Air Intake
Hose - Preheater
Hose - Water Pump
  • Gates: 20983[dt][12], drivers side
  • Gates: 20736[dt][12], passenger side
    Connects pump to aluminum tubing. Requires a little trimming of each hose.
    Also requires short piece of 1 1/4 inch hose for tight seal to aluminum tubing.
  • Dayco: 71254[dt][12], drivers side
  • Gates: 21262[dt][12], passenger side
Idle Speed Control Valve (motor)
  • Bosch: 0280140500 / 0280140501
Oxygen Sensor
aka Lambda Probe:
Oil Cooler
Oil Drain Plug
M16 X 1.50
Oil Drain Plug Gasket
16mm or 5/8" copper
  • Oil-Tite: 65273[dt]
Oil Pressure Sender Switch
  • Volvo: 1218028-7[dt]
Oil Filter
Pilot Bearing
Radiator Cap
Radiator Fan Switch ("Otterstat")
  • Quiton Hazell: XEFS60 92-87 Degrees
  • Also search by Part Number VRF311[dt]
Spark Plug
Spark Plug Wire
Thermostat Gasket
Throttle Linkage Ball Joints
Throw out bearing

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Sources Edit

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