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This article lists various cross-reference parts for the electrical system. These are most useful if you can't wait for a part to be delivered from a DeLorean vendor, and for commonly available parts.

  • Renault: 77 00 780 774 or 77 01 499 288
  • CEVAM: 4302
  • Valeo: A14N124
  • Champion: 74-1502[dt][12]
  • Velo: 9AR[dt][12]
  • Excel: 14324[dt][12]
  • Delco: 21020854 [dt]
  • Delco: CS130 (1991-1994 Saturn)[dt]
  • 1980 Cadillac: P7157[bp]
    Requires changing the bottom bracket, as described in this Alternator Modification PDF.
  • Harada: RX 20[dt][12], black mast
  • Power antenna replacement, Legacy LN-46[dt]
  • Interstate: MT78[dt][12]
  • Optima Red Top (CA=910, CCA=720, RC=90) [dt]
    Part# 75 35-OR [dt]
    UPC# 8 11405 000911
    (equipped with side screw ins and top posts)
  • AC Delco (CA=690, CCA=555, LTA=270)[dt]
    Model# 70DT-6YR
    (equipped with side screw ins and top posts)
  • NUMAX: 75-60
Belt - Alternator
Circuit Breaker:
  • Niehoff: UN-136TN (40 Amp, Thread type)[dt][12]
Dome Light
Dome Light Bulb
  • GE C5W (BP2)[dt]
    UPC: 0 43168 23312 5
Headlight Switch Bulb
  • Sylvania 2721 (w1.2w) European Lamps[dt]
    UPC: 0 46135 39337 2
  • Fiamm: 72102 72112[dt]
Ignition Buzzer
Ignition coil
  • Bosch: 0221122001
Inertia Switch
Window Switch
  • Saab: 1982 / 1983[dt][12]
    Not exact replacement
  • Peugot: 1982 / 1983[dt][12]
    Not exact replacement
Windshield Wiper Control Module
Relay, Standard Automotive
  • Dipped Beam
  • Main Beam
  • Fan, 3rd Speed
  • Fan 4th Speed
  • Cooling Fan
  • Start Inhibit
  • AC Illumination
Relay, Lambda
aka Main Fuel
Relay, RPM
12V, 30A
Relay, Turn Signal Flasher

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